Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hi. I'm back.

  • a sixteen year old shepherd mix. he couldn't walk anymore. the owners were in the room with us. the husband was a big tough guy who laughed nervously instead of crying. they were good people and the dog lead a good life.

    Blogger ANuRa said...

    Wellcome back!

    Anonymous TexMike said...

    missed you

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good to have you back.

    Anonymous Plurk said...

    Your posts were missed indeed. I was pleasantly surprised to see you in my rss feeds again.

    Blogger N. Melcher said...

    I agree with Plurk. I wish for so many reasons you weren't back and yet you and your humanitarianism have been missed and it is nice to have you in my rss feed again.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for coming back

    Blogger Happy Camper said...

    Thanks for give balance in a crazy world. Just saw a case where a 15 Shep was owner surrendered for Euth,the no kill guy wouldn't permit it, so the poor thing languished nine days not walking, in a shelter envionment that.. no old dog should be forced to endure. cruel

    Blogger WanjiSan said...

    Good to have you back.


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