Friday, December 05, 2008

  • a dungeness crab with shell rot disease. it had been moved from the visitor center back to the hospital where we were trying to care for it. my co-worker came in and found it lying on its back and when she flipped it over its leg fell off.

    Blogger Gry said...

    Aw. Poor crab. I wonder how much they can feel..

    Blogger Happy Camper said...

    Probably more than the people who abused it.

    Blogger denta said...

    i just stumbled across this blog and it blows me away. i actually cried. because of the many sad stories but also because of the good work you do and your way of telling all these stories. you treat every animal really consciously and personally. they are not just anonymous, but are given a face here. they are treated with respect and kindness. thank god there are people like you - with a heart and the courage to write about such a difficult task.

    god bless.

    Blogger maximusprime said...

    if it's any consolation, i hear that crustaceans and bugs in general don't really feel pain, they mostly have a sort of involuntary neurological response to pain. we tend to project our own level of sentience onto animals sometimes which blurs our understanding of how they experience of reality. i think some animals are actually smarter.

    Blogger Everycat said...

    Thank you for what you do. I'm glad you have kept this blog going, it's an important body of work and a lasting remembrance of animals who are now out of pain.

    Blogger Jenn/hippygoth said...

    It's weird how I cycle in and out of reading this blog, and in and out of other websites...I needed a connection with the world at large today, and looked you up. I believe in information and acknowledgment, and as usual, you have them both. Thanks, U.

    ~ hippygoth

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    crustaceans are not bugs- and they almost certainly feel pain.
    People who talk like maximus prime fucking suck. Stop watching fantasy movies and read something. Maybe you won't sound so stupid then.


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