Tuesday, March 18, 2008

  • a chicken that had been mauled by a dog
  • a cat in end stage congestive heart failure
  • a ferret with a golf ball sized hard mass in its abdomen

    Anonymous zirkel said...

    My gf is a vet tech student.

    She walks dogs and cleans cat cages at the local shelter. She traps feral cats for the local spay/neuter program. She becomes emotionally charged when people surrender an "older" animal because they're moving. She won't read this site because of the sadness it brings her.

    I struggle to understand her passion sometimes, although I admire it greatly.

    Thanks for continuing this site.

    Blogger trish said...

    A friend of mine just sent me the link to your blog because I am writing my dissertation on veterinary euthanasia. I plan to take an evening this week to read through the archives in total as I find your blog compelling and people's comments quite interesting. I did a year-long study at two veterinary teaching hospitals in the northeast and am writing up my analysis now. No real point to this comment other than to thank you for posting it.

    Anonymous fellow traveler said...

    I believe the greatest gift of this blog is the placing of death as a part of life. It is, you know. The loss of anything we love, and especialy a living thing is is to be avoided in our society and yet loss is a part of the process

    Blogger kat said...

    I've been reading this blog with a sense of dread--knowing that my own beautiful golden/lab dog is now 13 and to the age where I have to think about what to do when the time comes. I hate it when the thought crosses my mind and it keeps me up at night. I'm so glad to read this, though, and know that there are professionals out there who will carry out the task with great dignity. Because I'm pretty sure my own dignity will be out the window at that particular moment.

    Great blog.

    Blogger Diane said...


    I am looking for input from veterinary practitioners, and those who work in vet hospitals or clinics, about credit card processing.
    What are some problems you are facing with your current merchant service provider?
    How many checks are you guys accepting in overall method of payments? Any bounced checks?
    How soon is the money being deposited into your account?
    What is important to you when processing credit cards?

    Thank you,


    Anonymous zirkel said...

    Diane, You should be spayed.

    Blogger Shalet said...

    I found your blog today. I, too, am a vet. I've only recorded one day of my euthanasias. I'd be too sad to see the entire list of euthanasias performed - especially working in the ER.

    Kudos to you for your memorialization.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    we have a big problem with checks

    Blogger Diane said...

    Hi Anonymous,

    How do you process checks? Call your current merchant service provider and ask them about Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) or Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

    I hope this helps!


    Anonymous fellow traveler said...

    Is there someplace we can post Diane as offensive?This clearly a misuse use of a private blog to solicit funds. What a dispicable thing you must be Dinae, Go to the rgj.com site, they all make money off of dogs over there.


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