Thursday, February 14, 2008

  • a 9 year old jack russell terrier with undiagnosed ailments. the owner did not want to do any testing to figure out what was wrong.

    Anonymous lisa said...

    hello. i really think this website is an important one. i know it makes me feel a lot better, knowing there is someone that cares at the end of an animal's life, especially if their people can't be there for some reason.
    but i've been thinking a lot about your comments like the one above about the man that didn't want to find out what was wrong.
    in my humble opinion, i wish those comments didn't seem so judgemental. there are many reasons why people make decisions about their animals and particularly the difficult one to put an animal down.
    it's never easy, maybe the man just didn't show his feelings to you. i've had to make that hard choice recently with a horse. and our 12 year old lab, a dearly loved part of our family will need to be put to sleep soon. the last thing our family needs in it's grief is judgement...
    that being said, since i started reading this blog, i feel a little better knowing perhaps that someone new (the tech that gives our daisy the drug) will be mourning as well.

    thanks for reading.

    Blogger whatikilledtoday said...

    thank you for your insightful comment.


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