Friday, January 04, 2008

  • An aged dachshund with cancer
  • A very sweet cat who had been at a shelter, adopted by a kind man and then ended up with an upper respiratory infection which caused him to stop eating which in turn caused hepatic lipidosis. The man, having only known the cat for 24hrs went to extreme measures to try and save him. I syringe fed him every hour yesterday and today but in the end the decision was made to euthanize.

    Blogger Adam said...

    Thank you for running this blog.

    Anonymous mike said...

    Thank you for running this blog. You help people realize that the animals that are part of their lives, either for a few hours for many years, do not have to suffer. This is a kind and gentle alternative for the animal but very painful for the person.

    I have a number of cats and dogs and I know that the most difficult and kindest thing to do sometimes is to have them euthanized. I spend a lot of money on expected and unexpected vet bills in attempts to make things right for them but sometimes there is a point where the kindest thing is to let them go.

    Blogger ~Natalie~ said...

    Thank you for memorializing all the animals here that might otherwise be forgotten.

    My cat suffered with hepatic lipidosis last summer and only survived because I am also a tech and got her to the hospital right away, then provided aggressive nursing care at home. I know how much work you put in for this cat and I know it must have been hard to have to euthanize her. You have my greatest admiration.

    Blogger Marie-Eve said...

    thank you. this blog means a lot.

    Blogger Adrienne said...

    Oh god, Fatty Liver disease. I almost lost my Oliver to that a couple of years ago, but we finally got him eating again. There was a point, though, where we were staring down the option of having him boarded for the duration of time it took to get him eating on his own again. I was terrified I was going to have to let my cat die because I couldn't pay the bills.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Just curious - how do you not kill yourself, seeing what you do every day? I'm not suggesting it, but I LOVE animals (not so fond of people) and take anything's pain and misery very, very hard. I think about ending it every day anyway - if I had this job I think that someday soon there'd be one mangled kitty too many and I'd just load up a few syringes and jam them in. The world is just unbearable already.

    That said, I love your blog and thank you for honoring the little creatures, which are not hateful evil things (like humans).


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