Wednesday, March 12, 2008

  • a hamster with a severe rectal prolapse.

    One thing I never post about is animals who aren't euthanized but just die on their own. A cat came in this week, brought in by a man whose wife had recently died. It was his wife's favorite cat and he was taking over its care. He had brought it in for a teeth cleaning and it died while under anesthesia. While not unheard of, it is a rare occurrence. It's not the first time I've seen an animal give up shortly after its owner died. In fact, I've seen it several times. The connection we have to animals and them to us is unspeakably powerful.

    Anonymous Morgada said...

    Bumped into your blog accidentaly and read every single post at once. Just love it. I just know you have to be a great man to be able to do the things you do with so much peace and humanity. It's wonderfull. I'm flabergasted, in the very best kind of way..

    Thank you for sharing this blog, makes me think of all the pets i've had to put down over the years. I'm a 24year old photographer from Belgium.. and i'll be back! x

    Blogger Kittinish said...

    I'm glad the comments section is back up again. I hope the man didn't take it too hard, and I hope he didn't blame you or your staff.

    Blogger Happy Camper said...

    I really missed the comments when that was turned off. Glad they are back.
    It's funny until the above posts, gender had not entered my mind. I think on the personal level in which we deal with death we are pretty similar. Feelings are common to all of us, I never bought the men are from Mars idea.
    It is in sharing these feelings that we help ourselves and, often, another.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm not sure you can claim it gave up because the owner died, it sounds more like it reacted badly to the anesthesia.

    Blogger Naturalherbs Solutions said...

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