Monday, April 07, 2008

I am taking some time away from employment for a bit so this blog, thankfully, will not be updated for an uncertain amount of time.


Blogger L said...

best of luck, enjoy your sabbatical. :)

Blogger JustKristin said...

Indeed. Good luck and thank you for the mindfulness you have brought to a difficult task. Namaste.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's hard to thank you for this blog.

Blogger jonjon said...

Thank you for your blog. I had my cat, Kikuchiyo, euthanised last year on February 14th. It was a very difficult decision. In fact, I brought him in with that intention before that and decided at that time to take him home alive from the vet rather than go through with it. He was butting his head against my belly as the vet approached him. I finally decided I would have to get a vet to do a housecall, as I could tell he always got terrified being there. I did not write much about it, but I cried a great deal, as much as I could get myself to. I wrote this little eulogy in my blog: http://continuousmotionblog.blogspot

I think you are really celebrating the lives of those you record here. You can tell each of them was loved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog has been... difficult to read, and I haven't even told anyone about it (which is unusual for me), because I thought that people would either not get it because they don't care enough for animals, or be *too* affected by it. But it is good, what you've done, and I thank you.

Anonymous Happy Camper said...

I am glad you are doing a different stage of your life for a bit, but the animals will always need and appreciate you. I try so hard on my site to get people to see there is often kindess in death, and it is difficult to explain. I too write poems for my lost "to me" souls, but I believe that they are such a part of my heart that I never lose them completely. we will continue to check back and see if you return . Thank you for letting us know you are taking a sabatical...

Blogger Jim said...

Best of luck to you. Amid all of this sickness and death, it was good to see that a caring person was there for these animals.

Blogger Kittinish said...

Good luck!

Blogger Elaine Vigneault said...

Good luck and be safe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey are y'all gonna blog at all about the goats, chickens and innoculated logs?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts.

Blogger Al said...

Enjoy your time and thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for these blog entries and best of luck during your time away from this difficult job.

Blogger Jazzy said...

Thank you for sharing what you do with us, and good luck with the future


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your writings. It is good to know that when my pet's time had come, people cared. You're a good person and bless you for your strength and character.

Blogger Matthew Cember said...

Thanks for blogging like this. It's a good idea. I am going to school for Vet Tech and I just got my first job at an Animal Emergency Clinic. In the week I have been there I have seen a lot of death. I told a friend about it and she directed me to your blog. thank you for being so resfectful towards your profession.
Your profile says little about you. Are you a DVM or an RVT or what?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've read this blog over and over and i can't get over how brave you are to be doing these animals a service. i hope you find all the happiness you deserve. best of luck :)

Anonymous Anne said...

Thank you for your blog. I can't get far without crying but I am so grateful for the compassion you have for the animals in your care.

Blogger Suzanne said...

Thank you for keeping your blog active, even without updates, so people can still stumble upon it and take what they need: a place to facilitate mourning, a place to re-energize compassion, a place to affirm that when an animal is euthanized there is a person there who notices it's passing, and cares. You are one of those special angels: if you never come back you have cetrainly done enough already. The animals love you, and so do we.

Blogger Happy Camper said...

I have told several friends who have lost pets about this blog. It has helped them to know the final touch was of kindness.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courage, both doing the job you have done, and bearing witness. Such an unusual blog, and you've written it with simple compassion.

I have never had doubts about the affection the doctors and technicians bring to the job at our vet clinic. But today I have to bring in my dear dear cat to be euthanized, and it's weirdly comforting to have the extra proof you've provided.


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