Monday, August 01, 2011

An 8 year old Lhasa Apso that seemed perfectly healthy. I asked the doctor why it was being euthanized and he said he didn't know. He seemed totally unphased by having someone come in and say they want to euthanize their pet. He's been practicing longer than I've been alive (and I'm not particularly young). I hope to never reach that point. It was still bothering me later so I went back and read the patient's history. Nothing was really listed except the adoption papers from the animal shelter were in there. It had been returned to the shelter several times. I'm guessing it had an insurmountable behavioral issue going on.


Blogger Angus said...

Insurmountable ? So sad .

Blogger jen said...

It's interesting to read this... our foster dog from the shelter (he was returned for biting) has been getting progressively worse and the shelter wants him euthanized. He's a healthy 7yrs old. I'm not done exhausting my savings on testing for everything medical as the reason, and training him until I can't anymore. I just don't know how to accept euthanasia for behavioral issues.

Blogger Holly said...

I have been in those shoes of having to euthanize for behavior... very sad but the dog was loved while here and then set from from his mental torment. RIP Spirit

Blogger Jemima Miah said...

I'm doing a project based on euthanasia and I've created a survey which I need as many people as I can get to take part in.

Here is the link to the survey:

It's interesting to find out peoples attitudes towards euthanasia. I do not support the idea but others do. So please help me by taking part and giving me your opinions and views. Just spare 2 minutes of your time to take part.

Thank you!

Blogger Jennifer said...

I could also never accept euthanasia for behavioral issues. I have an unfriendly (with everyone else) 14 yr. old min pin, but I love her and she is happy. She's just a crabby old lady. She will never be a Golden Retriever puppy, and I accept her just how she is.

People have suggested that I get rid of her, though....but I NEVER would. I just love her sooo much.

Thank you for your blog.

Blogger Holly said...

For those against euthanasia for behavior, when a dog is a ticking time bomb and can be a menace to society is it fair to all involved? Their mind is tortured. I pray that no one is hurt by an animal that is this way, but it does happen.

Hope you have an attorney on retainer.

Anonymous nagonmom said...

I think there are far worse things than euthanasia. There are issues that are insurmountable, for the average shelter, or average owner.Keeping a dog in a crate for the rest of it's days is more disgusting to me than euthanasia

Blogger Anne said...

i think if you have an animal that is a danger to your family, or a danger to others, then often times the responsible thing to do (when all other options are exhausted and management is no longer an option) is to opt for euthanasia. Re-homing the pet is not fair to the new owners or usually the pet.
And sometimes a euthanasia decision is taken out of your hands if the dog were to bite someone (depending on the dangerous animal laws in your city)

Blogger lindsayt said...

I had a large livestock guardian breed who had been to shelters 3 times, and I was the third rescue to deal with him. He was extremely human and dog aggressive. I think euthanasia was the fair choice for him since no homes with 500 acres of open space, 8 ft fences, and NO other animals were stepping forward. His only remaining option was to exist (not really living), in an outdoor kennel where my dogs would never go. Some life. He was miserable, and I opted to euthanize him (I pulled him, I was his last home, I performed the euthanasia).

I had a very difficult time with one dog, a 9 year old cattle dog named Oreo who was healthy, but the owners felt was too old. She was dribbling urine a bit I think. I got my gear ready to euthanize her, and held her arm out. She looked so scared and her eyes were so...sentient. I couldn't go thru with it, and pulled the vet aside. The ruling stood so I chose not to participate and pulled in the other tech to do it.

Anonymous Truth said...

There are insurmountable behaviora; issues, and responsible people put the animal out of it's misery. You have a tough job, but it often needs to be done.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who participates in killing shelter dogs and cats unless they are viscious or very ill is committing murder.Non one has the right to take the lives of those whose only problem is being homeless.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vet who put that cattle dog down is someone who needs to get out of the profession. Many vets would not have done this.As far as I am concerned any vet who put dogs down with no behaviour problems and a minor health issue because an owner wants this is a coward whose license would be taken a way in a sane world.

Blogger Happy Camper said...

forEmotional pain for a dog is even more constant than physical pain. Insurmountable issues of aggression call for humane ethanasia. The habitually aggressive dog is in a " mental pain" if you will. They are anxiety ridden, and not really having much fun at the party. As for the 9 year old Cattle Dog. I always assume the owner is privvy to information I am not. The dog that looks fine in the vet's office could be very different from the dog at home.
Often well meaning vet tech's make an already difficult decision much harder. Our neighbors Queensland tore up the face of a 2 year old that was visiting. Healthy, lovely dog, put down at 5, and it needed to be. Life in a cage for a cattle dog ? Nah. I went with her to have the dog put down. She didn't tell the vet about the attack for legal reasons and since the dog was being put down, it was nobody's business.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am dealing with a very difficult situation with my 11-year old Lhasa Apso. I adopted him when he was 8 months old and he was extremely aggressive: biting people, growling, lunging at strangers. I worked for years to train him. Then, I was separated from him for a year and a half and last year he started living with me again.

Lately, he has been extremely aggressive again. He tried to bite one of our neighbors and he has bitten two of our guests. He tried to bite me the other night when I tried to give him a bath and, again, he tried to bite me today when I simply tried to put a flea and tick collar on him.

I'm tired of dealing with this. I have used positive reinforcement with him, I've praised him and focused on the good things. I feed him, groom him, pay for his medical bills, take him out three times a day. I cannot deal with the liability of him biting someone. I'm also frustrated that our friends are scared to visit because of him. He is starting to become possessive of his food, his bed, and many different spots in the apartment that he has suddenly claimed.

I don't want to spend my money on a behavioral trainer and I don't want to get sued when he bites someone.

For the first time in 11 years, I'm considering having him put to sleep.

I'm so distraught about this. I've been a good dog owner 95% of the time and I've lost my temper with him only after he bites or tries to bite people. I can't stop my entire life so that I can deal with this crazy dog. I want to have my friends over without them being terrified. I'm sick of it. I don't know what to do.

Cue the insulting and condescending responses from people now?


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