Monday, April 25, 2011

Two two week old manx kittens (litter mates) who both had spina bifada. Both were paralyzed and could not use their hind legs. Because their veins are so tiny the injection had to be given intraperitoneally (into the abdomen) which takes longer for the drugs to work though is equally painless. As I was waiting for it to pass, I let one of the kittens nurse on my finger tip, hoping it would give it a sense of calm or well being. A co-worker walked by asked why my finger was in its mouth. I told her my reasoning and she shook her head at me. I'm not sure if she disapproved of my actions or just thought I was too invested in the creature I had only met minutes before.


Blogger Angus said...

To give comfort at a time like that is as close a view of eternity as we'll get.

Blogger jen said...

I agree entirely with angus.

Blogger Holly said...

Thank you for being compassionate.

Blogger Errant Solitude said...

I really appreciate what you are doing here. I understand your coworker's disapproval, but if this (both your behavior at work and your blog entire) is as cathartic for you as it seems, then I think you are well-balanced in your mind about your work and your humanity.

While I agree that excessive morbidity may distract one to eventual madness, your writing has a tone of quiet solemnity that seems more a reminder to us that the moments pass swiftly, and that we are not immortal either.

Blogger ~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I agree with the previous comments...This week we had to put down a 13 year old Golden that had hemangiosarcoma. We'd only gotten her a couple of days before. During the whole appointment my vet was so gentle, kind and caring. Afterwards she gave 'Sandy' a kiss. The tenderheartedness, kindness and compassion that you both have touches my heart and soul.

Blogger Happy Camper said...

Kindness is always approriate.

Blogger Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

Blogger ra husky said...

Thank you for you compassion & gentle hands,

Blogger Jewel said...

It is good that you tried to comfort the kitten as it was on its way out. Our old cat had to be put to sleep in the same way, but fortunately, it was instant.


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