Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A baby guinea pig with two clubbed feet.


Blogger Anne said...

as a guinea pig owner, this made me really sad. poor little piglet

Blogger Jasmine Foo said...

I cam across your blog while doing some research on animal euthanization for a paper, and it's currently the primary source for my paper. I think what you're doing here is amazing and just so cathartic. It's nice to know that these animals are at least remembered by someone.

I can only hope that if I have to euthanize my dog in the future, it will be done with someone who has as much empathy as you do. Thanks for being a compassionate person in a community that is often looked at as inhumane.

Blogger Kayla Rae said...

wow... i wouldn't be able to do what you do. do ever say no to anyone? because im sure there are people that say they just can't take care of this animal. And there would be nothing wrong with it. i can't even see my dog get a cold much less have to euthanize my own cat. that takes guts my friend.


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