Monday, July 18, 2011

  • An ancient Himalayan cat.
  • A miniature dachshund with a mammary tumor larger than her head.

    Blogger JustKristin said...

    I read your blog as an exercise in compassion. I am grateful for the compassion you show to the animals you "kill". Your entries here make me aware of the need for compassion toward those who are suffering, either from illness and pain, from loss, or from whatever situation made them unable to deal with the responsibility of being a companion to an animal or a steward of nature. I feel compassion for you and gratitude for your taking on such a difficult but important job. Lastly, I am happy for the beings that are sent to you for this most traumatic part of their lives. Thank you for what you do, and for sharing it here.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    One of friend's cat went missing. She got an e-mail saying it was dead. There was no return address. Eventually she went to local shelter she was told that someone (not her) had brought in the cat and had it euthanized. This was mostly an indoor cat. He was old, he was sweet, trusting and very loving. He did not deserve for this to happen to him. The shelter will not tell my friend who did this or give a description of the person who did. He had been taken from her front porch where he naps. Someone from the neighborhood must have taken him This is even more disturbing since she on a friendly basis with all her neighbors.

    What really disturbs is that she has proof the cat was hers and this organization won't tell her who brought her cat in to be put down. From what I gather from her facebook, is that she is currently filing an animal cruelty report with the police.

    I loved that cat as much she did. And he did not deserve this, he didn't have a mean bone in his body. And it's really come as blow to her. She's really easily depressed this has just crippled her.

    Blogger Anne said...

    If she files a theft claim with her local police, the police can request the name of the person who dropped it off.

    Or if the shelter is a municipal Shelter, then the Freedom of Information Act would allow her to request the records from the city

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi. I just wanted to say I find your blog very compelling and I appreciate your compassion at your work. I've had to make the decision to euthanize several pets. It really makes a difficult time easier for both human and animal when the doctor or technician acts with such sympathy and professionalism as you show. Thank you.


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