Saturday, November 05, 2011

A big husky that had bit the owner's daughter. Apparently it had a history of aggression and that was the last straw. He seemed like a nice dog when he came in, though we asked the owner to muzzle him anyway. For some reason he didn't respond fully to the whopper dose of the solution given so he was basically just anesthetized but still breathing. The doctor had to go get a second dose. I stayed in the room with the client who started second guessing his decision out loud. Luckily the second dose worked.

It was a sad coincidence that a co-worker had to put her own dog down in the morning for a similar reason. He was a rescue who had always been slightly aggressive towards other dogs, though never towards her in the several years she'd had him. He bit her while she was breaking up a fight between him and her other dog. It wasn't just an accidental nip though, as he bit her three times and started shaking her arm. She needed 11 stitches and decided he just wasn't safe or trustworthy any longer.