Tuesday, February 21, 2012

  • A West Highland Terrier with terminal cancer.
  • A parakeet came in for a beak trim and died in my hands during the process. I had heard of this happening for years but never experienced it. It was not healthy to begin with - was extremely skinny and turned out to be eggbound also. The owners were actually less upset than I thought they would be but at that moment I was very grateful to be the tech and not the doctor who had to break the news to them.
  • A five year old miniature dachshund that had jumped off the couch and broken its back. It was obese and most likely would not have been injured had it been in normal shape.

    Blogger Anne Ahiers said...

    i, too, have never personally experienced (or known anyone who has) a parakeet dying during handling but had always heard it could happen.
    i guess good to know it's not a myth...

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Once when I was restraining a love bird for a wing/beak/nail trim, it suddenly died in my hands. I was upset but not surprised; stress is a major factor in bird medicine . Later that day, the vet and I performed a necropsy and immediately discovered a diseased liver. The vet told me that liver disease had most likely resulted in the curved /malformed beak (the main reason for the vet visit was to get a beak trim). After that incident, the vet now requires physical exams prior to BWN trims. -vet tech

    Blogger Mel, RVT said...

    Did the dachshund's owner not want a neuro referral to have the spine surgically repaired?


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