Thursday, August 24, 2006

  • a 20 year old cockatiel
  • a rat with mites and tumors. there was a woman there with me who is a client but she is a special type of client who gets to hang out in back with us and tells us stories about her crazy life and i find her quite nice to be around. she watched me euthanize the rat and afterwards caught her breath and said "i've... never witnessed anything like that before." i told her about this journal and she understood.

    Blogger brenda said...

    what is it with rats and tumors? I've had my share of experiences with this. I remember Blondie, our last pet rat, dropping her off to be euthanized. Who would have thought I could shed so many tears for a rodent? I believe the death of anything reminds us of our own mortality. Can you still feel it? What does death mean to someone who experiences it every day?

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Our host must feel it deeply to make such a careful and dedicated record.

    I bought rats recently, to try to learn how to deal with all this. They don't live very long. I am hoping that if I adopt another every six months or so... Well, I'm not sure what I hope will happen. That I will eventually figure out how to accept it, I guess.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    My parents made me feel ridiculous when I shed so many tears for my two rats who passed away): It just shows other how much care and love we give when we realize that person/thing/animal won't be there for long.


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