Saturday, April 08, 2006

A six year old rabbit with spinal injuries. She belonged to a teenage girl who seemed very level headed. They spent some time with the rabbit before it died and when I went in to ask if they were ready, she asked me, through tears, "do you have any potato chips? That is her favorite thing." Her mother said "you can't give her potato chips now!" But I said, "actually, I do have some, I brought them in this morning." The stange thing is that I hardly ever buy chips and I bought these without looking at the ingredients and after opening them, realized they contained whey which I can't eat so I brought them in for my co-workers. So the girl and I went into the back and fed her rabbit potato chips before she was put to sleep.


Blogger insanemanor said...

That is probably the coolest thing I have ever read. I wish more people felt that much compassion for the creatures we bring into our homes.

I have been to Vets that treated that kind of moment as more of a distraction in their day, that for the goodbye that it must be.

Blogger Yushi said...

Hello there, I just want to thank you for writing this blog, it's great to see vets who really do care about the animals they treat.
My last hamster had to be put down because it had bleeding ulcers, it was the hardest thing I had ever done, and the fact that the vet was the most cold blooded vet I have ever seen didn't help either. Basically he just walked into the room, took one look at the hamster and said: He has to be put down.
I asked him when and he just said flatly: right now.
I was in such shock that I started to cry and he kinda grunted and told me to tell him when I'm ready and walked out of the room. but he stuck his head in several times trying to rush me because I was 'holding up his schedule'.
Then when he went to lift up the hamster, he just pulled it up by the neck and I swear he was doing it wrongly because my hamster was SQUEAKING IN PAIN. when he put it back down, it tried to run back to me for comfort but he pushed me away and told me it was going to get vicious. What the hell??
Then he wouldn't allow me in the room where it was going to be put down, and when he came out he just handed me back the empty carriar it was in and told me to pay at the front desk.
I swear I am never going to go to that disgusting excuse for a vet again.
That's why I'm so happy to see vets like you who really do care and feel for the animals. Once again, thank you.

Blogger monsieur de vaches said...

thank you for this blog. it's sad to hear a story of the loss of an animal yet it warms my heart to see there's someone out there who has a heart for them.

Blogger savilashke said...

I think that it is a tribute of respect for all living things to take a moment and record their passing even if many people would see a non-human's life as something lesser. It's tough, even when it is ending their suffering, a suffering that you can't explain to them even while you try to treat it. Each animal so unique, it's amazing that some people don't think they have personalities or feelings, when you spend just a few moments with a horse, cow, dog, cat, mouse, whathaveyou and you see attributes specific to each individual come through in how they act and respond to the environment around them just like each individual human. I work with animals also and I love it, some days are awsome and some days it's just really hard to breathe. Thanks. I was curious as to what you do exactly, are you a vet or a vet tech or assistant? Not specifically where you work just curious as to your specific occupation.

Blogger whatikilledtoday said...

savilashke, I am a vet tech.

Blogger Cimba7200 said...

Interesting blogsite. Very compassionate. I wonder which country you are in? My wife is involved with the SPCA here in New Zealand.Do you have a similar organisation there? The letters stand for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Regards, Dave.

Blogger Nichole D. said...

I'm so glad you care. Your blog, while sad, is very reassuring to read- I hope all vets (I know they're not, but I hope) are as compassionate and kind as you are.


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