Monday, December 05, 2005

  • a tiny leopard gecko with gout. it took him a very long time to go.
  • i feel responsible for the death of the very old ferret because i was his anesthesiologist as he died on the surgery table. his insides were all bad news and though technically i had nothing to do with it, i was the last person he ever looked in the eye.

    Blogger Andrew said...

    I just wanted to throw a comment up here so you know people are reading and appreciate your blog.

    Blogger whatikilledtoday said...

    thank you.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm not sure if you are aware, or if you already practice this, but an accepted way for euthing most reptiles and amphibians is by placing them inside a freezer (within some type of carrier, box, or cloth bag). It sounds much more horrible than it is, biologically speaking. Their natural response to cold is to go into torpor, and so they fall asleep without feeling any pain and pass quickly. No needles are needed, there's no need to search for tiny veins, and they die with no fear/stress response.

    Blogger o0PaleHorse0o said...

    That is a disgusting thing to do Anonymous. If you're going to have a pet,large or small, and its suffering do the responsible thing to do and have it euthanized. putting a reptile in the freezer does not kill them right away.Formation of
    ice crystals on the skin and in tissues of an animal may
    cause pain or distress.Immobilization of reptiles
    by cooling is considered inappropriate and inhumane
    even if combined with other physical or chemical
    methods of euthanasia.there is no evidence that whole body
    cooling reduces pain or is clinically efficacious. Quick freezing of deeply anesthetized
    animals is acceptable. What people do with their pets just shatters me.


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