Monday, August 01, 2005

  • Barn owl with a broken femur. It held the mask in place with its good foot as I anesthetized it.

    Blogger alana said...

    that photo breaks my heart. tragic. also noukie cried when she looked at it.

    Blogger turningthekey said...

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    Anonymous g_man said...

    What a wonderful, if very sad, blog. I came here through a link from and expected to find something quite strange or funny (for that is what usually gets linked) but instead I find perhaps one of the kindest people on earth. Well done for doing a job that I certainly couldn't do. As a 27 year old man, I don't like to admit that I cry but I certainly am doing now.

    One thing - it makes me so mad reading about people not wanting to pay for animal treatment. Is there any way of donating money to your place of work for instances such as thse?

    Blogger Jason Das said...

    That picture is just amazing.

    Blogger RaeJane said...

    that picture is heartbreaking.

    If only more people could see what happens to these animals..maybe more people would have respect for them.

    Anonymous Mobal said...

    I don't know what it was about this entry, but tears just started to form in my eyes when I read this entry and looked at the picture.

    I'm not one to cry very easily, being an 18 year-old guy, but... I dunno. I don't have words colorful enough to describe it. It feels good for the soul to feel these emotions, I guess.

    You're a good person, with a wonderful blog.


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