Monday, September 03, 2012

This is the second time I've had to post something like this. We put our own dog to sleep today. She was diagnosed with lymphoma over a year ago and managed to put up an amazing fight. Over the past week she suddenly declined very quickly and yesterday we decided it was time.

She was an amazing dog, everyone who met her loved her. She touched so many people who thereby touched us in unimaginable ways. At one point several years ago she became very ill and friends from the internet, many of whom we'd never even met, all chipped in to cover the multiple thousands of dollars in vet bills.

We adopted her as an adult. She had spent the first few years of her life as an over used breeder in a puppy mill. Her body was broken but her spirit was not. Her trust of humans was amazing considering all she had gone through.

Rest in peace, sweet Poppy. Thank you for the time you gave to us.